For 24 years I've been trying to explain to people why aged garlic extract - macerate is better than raw garlic. There is a garlic and Garlic. Good genetics, cultivation process, drying and manufacturing itself - all this is just a straightforward basis. I have been intensively involved in Allivictus since 2007. It's my largest time and financial investment. Why? Therefore. Mostly thanks to my personal experience and daily use. Those who know me personally, already know that I would never recommend anything what I do not try myself. Garlic makes people healthier and more immune resistant. That is the source of irritation of the pharmaceutical and legislative lobby, respectively the BigPharma mafia. Why? Because garlic has been a medicine for thousands of years. It is not patentable, and anyone can grow it.

Connoisseurs´ Choice

I not only enjoy drinking wines from first-class and encyclopedic winemakers from Mosel Valey with good friends, but I also enjoy selling them! It's been almost 20 years. I will never forget my first trip to the Mosele river - August 11, 2003. We had a lot of fun and great experiences with these wines and the people who create them. Starting from Germany, to Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, England, France, Holland, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and finally the Virgin Islands and Panama. Wherever we promoted these wines - we had a lot of fun and great memories. Those who are experienced and orient themselves in the world of wine, don't need to read more than the names of wineries. Fritz Haag, Schloss Lieser, Grans Fassian, Weingut Haart. The fact that my classmate and my friend, with whom as children we were not afraid to fight for our truth even with the gypsies, Mr. Štefan Doktor, is today the director of the oldest and most famous German winery Schloss Johannisberg - this is a beautiful bonus and always a great visiting trip.

Is coffee the good drug?

Coffee trade is the fourth largest after drugs, weapons and oil. I wonder what it will be like in a few years. We are witnessing unprecedented colaps of life and civilizations - some call it New World Order (NWO) - that process is speeded up thanks to chinese virus, war on cash, Russian and American proxy war in Ukraine, dedolarisation of trade and deglobalisation of the World. The best drug is a clear head and if you must have a cup of coffee to start your day – there is no better than your own.

We grow our coffee on a family farm FINCA DINDOS with an altitude of 1,580 to 1,620 meters above sea level – with this we have not only exceeded the height of Sněžka (highest peak in Czechia) but we also singled out 6 varieties of Arabica, typical and perfectly adaptable to the climate of the legendary Alto Quiel in Boquete, Panama. Panama is an amazing country. It has a lot to offer, not just geographically. In addition, Panama "spiced up" my life after 25 years of cooperating with the law firm Mossack & Fonseca, I found myself and my family listed in the unfamous but legendary Panama Papers, despite the assurance that my data was protected for ever.

Never say never and never say never again.

Watching the movie "Laundromat" was realy "fun". I used to meet the real people in the past, some of the actors as well.

Starting industrial revolution v.5? Hemp is not only medicine.
Cannabis is the cure.

And big business, especially the pharmaceutical and alcohol industry knows this very well. Hemp doesn't produce drug addicts or the sick. Unlike other drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, methamphetamine, painkillers, etc. cannabis does not devastate the human body. Everything is, of course, individual. When a person is born an idiot, cannabis wouldn't make him a better person. Our body has its own endocannabinoid system, not an ibalginoid system, or opioid system if you like. Smoking, vaping or digesting cannabis doesn't produce patients and is 114 times less addictive than tobacco and about 1.000 times less addictive than sugar. Cannabis - like garlic - cannot be patented and can be grown by anyone...but legislative attempts to "cartelize" production and genetics. Pretending it is doing so in the "interests" of the consumers. The synthetic CBD lobby came up with this recently and the European Commission fell for it. The EU has once again shot itself in the leg and is going against its primary principle. Eurocrats and Brussels ignorants at large. The EU today is not the EU I voted for to join it - back in the refferendum in 2004.

Synthetic drugs of course have their place and their patients. Surely. But nature, wind and rain can't be commanded. Or they shouldn't be. How else do obsolete, overloaded with debt states want to finance their health care systems? Option of self-medication might help - I don't know. But one thing is for sure, taxes paid by "engineers" who immigrated to EU from sub-Saharan Africa will not save it ... and the placebo effect is sometimes better than the drugs themselves.

Residence Vojtěšská 324, Neratovice

After 4 years and in two stages. Despite the extra bullshit created by the beurocrats, my damaged business and personal reputation and the hardships of business life thanks to a criminal complaint from the state for "garlic advertising", my name in the Panama Papers list and the betrayal of the financing bank, I still managed to build a little personal monument in our city. As is usual with buildings, construction lasted much longer and it was a more expensive project. But I will always recommend the construction company Šnajdr from Mělník. Quality and professional approach. The higher cost and complications with the construction caused an intervention of an beurocrat = official with a stamp and power, as well as attempts to execute and liquidate our family companies, whose balance sheets guaranteed the project. Fortunately, the construction company was able to provide me with a supplier loan the time when it was really taugh. The building has almost 900 square meters. 6 apartments, 2 shops and 5 warehouses. Those interested in renting an apartment or office - write me a message. Non-smokers, taxpayers, holders of a category C firearms license and driving license category C have priority. Why? Because. Surely you can see into what time is the whole civilization heading.
More info at

Deteriorating former Pharmacy Building we purchased it, back in 2012. The moment I uploaded this Google pic of it, some music on Tuned-In over played it...if you want to promote that house on the corner...I wish to purchase this corner building since late 1990, when I had to stop here every day on my way to work. That time working as a deputy financial director of PPF group. I'm happy to be independent today and still live my dreams.

Ecoton Manufactory

Here we produce and store Allivictus and over the time period of next 3-5 years, a purpose-built and modern service building will be built from the 2.000 m2 that are not used today plus addition of another 6.000 m2. The plan is currently set for a multifunctional house. The center of Česká Skalice city is beautifully growing and we are happy to be a part of it. Those interested in investing in rented serviced apartments - please write me an email. The estimated investment of the project is more or less 250 million CZK. We are right at the end of famous and beautiful valley, named - Grandmas Valley, after the 19th century Božena Němcova´s novel. Not surprisingly - we have the best view of it. This is a photo of the courtyard.

Below are the pictures of the valey. Rooftop of the manufacture Ecoton.

The Hamplovka residence

Real estate prices haven't gone crazy. They only react to the current situation of over regulated and burocratisied construction segment. Location, location, location. There are no apartments available, and there wouldn't be any for a long time. So little is being built. It's complicated and expensive. Nobody wants to slog away, and construction work has run short of Ukrainians. Craftmanship hopefully wakes up in time. After all, it has a golden bottom! It will also take a while for some offices to be converted into apartments – especially in older buildings. TV flu has brought more than one reset. Prague is Prague, cities just outside Prague are divided into those with infrastructure and those where you can get only by a car drive. Neratovice have excellent proximity to Prague center by train connection and other transport services. That's why I've been living here since 1992. The city on the Labe river (Elbe) with the highest Central Bohemian skyscraper and tallest chimney (2/3 Eiffel Tower) has a chance in the future to become not only a city where people working in Prague just stay overnight.
There are plenty of cultural, social and sports activities to do here.

Neratovice - cool place to live.
We need new middle class residents. Active, wealthy and healthy people! P
art of the old residents and often not only in retirement age - still live in in some kind of Spolana socialism. To stay alive - you must adapt today. Thanks to complicated construction procedures and situation where some of the buildings are built illegally, flats in the reconstructed premises of former bakeries began to sell in Neratovice at almost Prague prices. 50 m2 apartment layout two rooms with kitchenette in a new building – low-energy building already costs here over 90,000 CZK per m2. Reality. The discrepancy between real estate prices and high levels of rental is not sustainable in the long run and the market will resolve that.
Here, in this private forest-park estate, we plan a careful renovation of our initial family house. We want to make it an off-the-grid and again a completely self-sufficient building with 5 to 11 housing units. The project and the variants of the reconstruction are being calculated, and we are negotiating financing with several banks and private investors in real estate projects. Good and bad time now. World is in the reset anyways.

There are fragrant and effective disinfectants for a few seconds, but also disinfectants that stink like iodine – but they do create biological gloves. The patent of prof. Sokol – protective biological gloves for doctors and soldiers in combat conditions. Killing 99,9% of bacterias and viruses. Lasting for at least 3 hours! We own the keys, trademarks, patents and the necessary certifications, but there was no time and money to put it more into motion. Just give it the time and more money. However, the TV flu has shown that its not over yet. To those who would like to invest € 2-3 million – and significantly rival with alcohol disinfectants – not only hand applications - e.g. textile and nano tech -you are welcome to get in touch.

The project of antibacterial shoe insoles

A world rarity, those who have not tried won't believe it. It really holds true "whoever has our insoles, their feet don't smell". The impregnation of insoles made of high-quality German sheep wool is so high quality – i.e. bactericidal and virucidal – that it works even after a year of daily wear. In today's consumeristic, low quality, cheap and volume / bonuses / turnover world, there is a bit of a problem when it comes to sales. But everyone promises that the days when quality will be more than quantity are in our reach! It will be more expensive, but 1/3 of everything will not be ultimately produced in China. Otherwise, this crisis and the redistribution of wealth that the TV flu began cannot end.

The photo shows a real King and one tourist in Mělník. In February 2019, I was named "Garlic King" by the editor of EURO magazine, due to my activities regarding garlic and cannabis.
I have been arguing about my truth and innocence of my company Allivictus in court for over 5 years. Petty, pointless, exhausting and most importantly expensive. Uncertainty so great that we preferred not to do any advertising. Unfortunately, this intervention and the attempt to liquidate the company canceled everything started and successfully in development. Those who know me better know well that I only play in high end style and full trottle. Fortunately, justice and common sense have prevailed. It was and still is about the principle. Václav Havel once said in famous statement "Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred". The problem, however, is that attempts at censorship, and especially when it comes to the promotion of self-medication or the promotion of some natural remedies and medicines are growing. Thanks to the paid officials. Beurocrats. BigPharma mafia can lobby laws and standards and also enforce them, I'm not saying they can't. The fact that foods can't be attributed healing effects, even though they have had them for thousands of years, is today's reality. This would endanger the "average european consumer" - i.e., IQ moron – 80–100 points, after all he is the one to believe everything and everyone. He would stop taking pills and start to self–medicate. It's a topic for a long debate and for the next 5–10 years that await us in court, where we are demanding compensation from Czech State - Advertising Regulatory Body - RRTV for damage caused by bad official procedure and decision. The court named experts calculated that 6 years of business decimation just for allivictus is equal to a 47,7 million CZK damage compensation. It is, of course, about the principle. It's not about the money, they're in first place.

Politically incorrect suffix

The acceleration of the pernicious madness of political correctness, stinky and subsidy-fueled socialism, insane feminism, the propagation of inclusion and gender nonsense, but especially the non-calling things and phenomena by their real names, has become unhealthy in recent years. In addition, the nobility has now tested out how to manipulate the fear of the invisible enemy. Pushing us into social distances, putting masks on faces, mandatory vaccination and digitalization of everything. I like to pay my expenses by debit card, I'm good with credit cards, but no one can take my right to pay with cash. Don't even try.

I don't like liberals at all, crazy do-gooders and progressive neo-marxists at all. Every "ism" disgusts me from the depths of my soul. An exception is the so-called "not giving a fuck". Maybe it's because I experienced socialism as a child from a well-off and priviledged family. I actually had a fantastic time and almost studied foreign relations and economics at MGIMO in Moscow.

The system changed in 1989 and I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague – international trade, banking and marketing. I don't understand what is happening in the economy today at all, we didn't really learn that there. The time has come for a new form of socialism with a very harsh covid face. Some call it the NWO. I believe I smell socialism in that.

I consider freedom of speech and the free market, without subsidies and unsystematic, demotivating social benefits, to be the basis for a healthy functioning of modern society. Wealth is created through family upbringing, good education and hard work, not through benefits and subsidies.

It's not just that my basic philosophy is to have everything, and everyone cleverly at level of "I do not give a fuck". The only way to stop the madness of unfair redistribution and the swelling of bureaucracy is to make people independent and responsible. The lesser of state, the better for us. Taxes should be simple and low.

As a white, heterosexual man who acknowledges evolution and the fact that there are only two sexes, the rest is an unclear sexual orientation – I hate modern naive communists and especially feminists. Feminism is very pernicious and a driver of change from bad to worse in today's derailed world.

A world where political correctness takes precedence over the reality and truth. It's a malignant state – the cancer of society. And there are more than fifty shades of gray. Once you clearly state how the things are fucked up - you expose the truth. You are often called an extremist or intollerant xenophob. I did experience inmigration twice in my life so far. Illegal refugees and economical immigrants are not welcomed here. These are not war refugees, but economical immigrants, many of them even islamistic extremists. Every extremism is a plague. Like every "ism". 

I fought illegal immigration and islamization of Europe minimally with the fact that have 5 children, with one wife. As a Slovak (foreigner), I lived with peaceful muslims from Jemen, Syria and Jordan for 4 years in a dormitory, in Jarov, in the Bronx, and I know how to live in peace and respect with intelligent people from different cultures.

There is no negotiating with terrorists, and how and why America "exports democracy" is clear to everyone today, especially those with an unprecedentable patent to know answer on every question. 

I always prefer to say, that I honestly - don't know.

According to some sweepers of holy truth and do-gooders, it's the fault of the richest and most influential man on the planet – Putin, and if not him, then some other white man who disagrees with the methods of enforcing the NWO and is certainly a sexist pig. Who takes the blame for all of what is bad.

I'm also glad that I can create a website and write what I want on here. I try not to offend anyone here and I like to make fun of myself. Freedom of speech still exists, and I will always warn about attempts of censorship. I don't care if it's RRTV or CAFIA. It is about the principle. Technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds – sometimes even I have to catch up!

But I also already know how good it is to slow down sometimes. I used to drive on the German highway, as much as I could. Aston DB9 was able to fly over 320km/h. That was fun and joy sound..nice memories. Today I indulge in adrenaline on the road with CD - Czech Railways and in debates with teenagers about what I consider a tidy room shall look alike.

Hopefully I didn't bore you, but also amused you a little bit. I'm heading off to pretend I'm working. As an active Kremlin troll, I am not paid at all for contributions, but for explained conspiracies.
The only protection for the future, not only against chinese flu and so weird socialism in next 5-7 years is a good imunity, well beeing, great relations with your loved ones, good mood, brave mind and strong spirit! Divided we fall, united we rise!
More self-explanatory pictures you can see on my CzechoSlovak version of this web.

Best regards & special thanks to my oldest daughter Agata - helping me to correct my CzEnglish to a better English.


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